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Portugal – Quality life and well being in Europe.

From its Atlantic coast of more than 1200 km, departed the ships and the conqueror of the sea who found “today’s Brasil” on Abril, the 22nd of 1500 by Pedro Álvares Cabral and Japan in 1549 through Jesuítas’ missionary endeavours.

The iodine air of the Atlantic ocean baths Portugal through the coming and going of the winds and daytime tides to give it’s own time.

Portugal is on the southern tip of continental Europe and is a sort of rectangle about 160 km wide and 560 km long. With an area of 88 944 km2 ( 92 080 km2, if we include the atlantic islands ), is six times smaller than France.

Its mediterranean climate shore on 1793 km in extension, including the islands. And its cuisine gathers both flavours from sea and land. Enriched  by its History and its fine culture, this country has several advantages and comes up as a place of refuge, away from a troubled changing World shaked by its conflicts.

The peacefull way of life is not by chance, the cost of living is 30%  less than in northern Europe.

The majestic history of the southest  Europe country rich of its traditions and well being. 

Recent and not very well known History.

Let’s recall that the last Queen of Portugal was Maria Amélia de Orleãnes, Marie-Amélie d’Orléans, in french ( born on September, the 28th, 1865 – passed away on October, the 25th , 1951 ).

Born in England, in 1865, she was married to D. Carlos de Bragança, the heir of the Portuguese Crown in 1886. Her life was full of dramas and disappointements. At 43, after the double murder of her husband and her oldest son, in 1910, she was forced to exile in England and, after, in Chesnay, near Versailles, where she passed away at 86 years old, in 1951. However, it was in Portugal where she wished to “fall asleep forever”, in that sweet opened heart country, recalling the land she took as where she was a beloved queen. Kind to her own people during her 24 years of reign, she helped many poor men and women and founded charity and health care institutions. She was a major influence, as well, in the culture scene and managed to change the Palace of Belém’s stable into a public museum –  the Museu Dos Coches.

The portugueses artistic scene is, actually, full of surprises along with a multidisciplinary creativity of more developed than we would suppose at first with a talented ever moving scene, example with  Alexandre FARTO, also known as Whils a talented artist.


The Portuguese people around the world and the portuguese Endeavour in Europe.

In the bigger cities of Portugal, it’s easy to find anyone speaking foreign languages, including French, which was, until the 1970’s a required language in school, right after English. In Europe, portuguese and their descendents are up to more than 15 million people, distributed according to the following:

At the latest census, Portugal had 10 720 000 inhabitants and 2 750 000 portuguese of three generations long lived in France alone.

The portuguese and their descendants by european coutry are in numbers:

  • France: 2 750 000
  • Switzerland: 420 000
  • Spain: 370 000
  • Germany: 320 000
  • United Kingdom: 290 000
  • Luxemburg: 180 000
  • Belgium: 140 000
  • Holland: 110 00
  • Other European Countries: 350 000

And all the portuguese inhabitants all around the five continents as a result of the Portuguese Discoveries, as well


Lisbon international Airport receives all the most well known airlines which take us all around the world, as well as to Paris in 2 h15 minutes, Madrid in 45 minutes or Geneva in less than 2 hours ( as well as to the Atlantic islands of Azores and Madeira ).



As we mentioned before, Portugal has a life cost about 30% less than France.


Also, the gastronomy from the smallest restaurants to the esquisite greatest creative cuisine is affordable with local excelent quality wines, which have won prizes and have been well appreciated all around the world.

Having one of the lowest GDPs in Europe, its average minimum salary is 500 euros and about 800€ in the big cities. The jobs are few and social support  is less generous than in its european neighbours, all of which makes it is not a country of anyone’s dreams.

However, criminality index is amongst the lowest in Europe and in the World .

Criminality and Delinquency Index and its distribution around Europe and the World






In conclusion, innumerable figures show that there are unique and wonderfull opportunities as far as  portuguese real estate business is concerned.

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